Mucci Giovanni, Semplicemente Unici

Since 1894

It all started in 1894, when Nicola Mucci had his very first factory right in the center of Andria where at present, the Museo del Confetto “Giovanni Mucci” is located. Back then, he began to produce chocolates, sweets and ‘confetti’ using the excellent almonds from Andria which is considered “the fruit of the ancient agricultural knowledge”.
Around 1920, he created the “Mandorla Imperial” a new ‘confetto’ which eventually led to the making of the famous “Tenerelli”, a secret Mucci Family recipe.

Mucci Giovanni products bring  together a delicious blend of an age-old skill combined with experience and enhanced by a specialized craftwork that up to this very moment, is still being carried out using the same techniques according to the guidelines of traditional premium confectionery.

For more than 120 years the factory has received numerous recognitions which attest to the high- quality standards of production.

Today: innovation, natural, history, quality, tradition.

These are the cornerstones of the Mucci Family, personally involved in guaranteeing the exceptional taste and quality of their produce.

Refined and original flavours, ingenious creativity and professionalism are the grounds in producing countless specialties, all made with scrupulously chosen ingredients from the best in the world.

The present heirs are the meticulous keepers of “the secrets” which hold together stories of sweetness and pleasure. Stories that can generate intense emotions.
A marvelous list of delicacies able to satisfy not only the keenest connoisseur but also those who believe in quality without compromise.


Mucci Giovanni Andria

Museo del Confetto Mucci Giovanni

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