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Mucci® produces numerous and tasty specialties: small treats in so many flavours, colours and forms, all waiting to be discovered.

Our most famous are without a doubt the: Fruttini di Marzapane®, still made and decorated by hand; Gocce al Rosolio with a non-alcoholic fruit filling; historic Cannellini and Confetti Ricci, the latter available in cane sugar or beet sugar varieties; our specialità Ghiaia confetti that look just like the small pebbles typical of our region’s beaches and conceal a soft and delicious centre.

For truly important ceremonies Mucci is able to make some of these specialties even more special. We can create confetti “Grandi Occasioni” entirely covered in edible gold dust or 999/1000 pure silver with a hazelnut, almond or chocolate centre.

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