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The constant search for quality has always been a hallmark of Mucci® and our confetti and dragées.

Mucci® boasts a longstanding history of creating handmade confectionaries and a reputation for selecting only the best raw ingredients. At Mucci® the traditions of the past meet the trends of today, all with the same intention: producing small quantities to guarantee products that are always fresh, handcrafted, free of chemical additives and with the added value of natural colours and aromas.. Lengthy preparations and processes broken down into phases that can demand from one week to one month of work are coupled with the passion and skill of our artisans. This is the attention to quality that goes into each of our specialties at Mucci®.


All Mucci® confetti and dragées are gluten free. We respect our consumers’ health by selecting raw ingredients from suppliers who neither use nor process products containing gluten. A selection of Mucci® confetti and dragées are listed in the 2019/2020 edition of the AIC – Italian Celiac Association Handbook.



We know a lot of sweet-tooths who have to give up anything. We created our “Tenerelli Mucci® Vegani” for them, adapting our historic family recipe to create something for those with a milk and lactose intolerance. Other vegan-friendly products include classic dark chocolate dragées in various flavours, and Mucci’s most historical specialty confetti.



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