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Mucci® confetti recount more than a century of history. A century of experience, passion and love. Our confetti have accompanied all of the happiest moment in countless lives.
Each confetto has its own soul. More than sugar-coated almonds or hazelnuts, they are symbols of prosperity and happiness. Above all they are filled with the knowledge, tradition and the uniqueness that is a hallmark of Mucci.
Sophisticated and original combinations, entrepreneurial creativity and professional honesty. These are the basic ingredients that go into the preparation of countless specialties, each made from raw ingredients scrupulously selected from the best the world has to offer.
Our latest creations include the “Regina Elisabeth”confetto. A Sicilian “Pizzuta di Avola” almond covered with white chocolate and lemon, orange, tangerine or bergamot essential oils: stories with the power to generate intense emotions!

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