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Mucci dragées are a delicious alternative to classic confetti: a layer of white, milk or dark chocolate wraps a soft, liquid or crunchy centre.

During the 1980s we created the first alcoholic dragée, filled withSambuca liqueur.Yet another example of the Mucci family’s innovative ideas and endless experimentation.

This innovation was followed by dragées filled withother types of liqueurs, and more: dragées filled with coffee, candied fruits, liquorice, coconut and gianduja. gianduja. These are just some of the many flavours of our delicious dragées, each with its own unique and intense taste.

Our most recent creations include Almond Milk dragées and Tartufo or Lemon Donna Michelina® degrées, made from “Slow Food Presidium” Toritto (B) Almonds. A true indulgence for the palate!

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Handcrafted, carefully selected raw ingredients and love combined with 120 years of history. These are the cornerstones that make Mucci® confetti simply unique products! More than a producer of Confetti, Mucci is also a group of Master Confectioners enamoured of beauty and life and committed to offering the tastiest emotions.

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