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A Simply Unique History Since 1894!

Everything started way back in 1894, when Nicola Mucci opened his first laboratory in the historical centre of Andria. This space is now home to the Confetto Museum “Giovanni Mucci”, recognised by the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and one of the “Historic Sites of Italy”.

From this moment he began producing chocolates, sweets and confectionary products, the latter made from delicious Apulian almonds.


In 1920 Nicola invented the “Mandorla Imperial”, a new and one-of-a-kind confetto made from prized peeled “Fra Guilio” almonds, also known as “Avola di Puglia”, covered with a layer of white chocolate and extra thin sugar panning.
This project evolved into our famous “Tenerelli Mucci®” in 1930. We still make them according to the original recipe using Apulian Toritto (BA) almonds and “PGI Piedmont Hazelnuts” covered with dark and white chocolate and a thin layer of coloured panning.


To deal with a constantly rising production, the enterprising Nicola built a large state-of-the-art laboratory for the production of chocolate, confetti and candies. This new facility employed more than 80 people, three quarters of whom were young women responsible for decorating the confetti, wrapping candies, chocolates and Easter eggs.
When production slowed in 1934, owing of the 1929 crisis, Nicola was forced to redimension the company and move back into the original laboratory.


Giovanni Mucci inherited the laboratory built started by his father Nicola and began working to develop today’s brand Mucci Giovanni dal 1894.

DAL 1894

The company’s products soon began crossing regional and national lines, becoming famous for their exceptional qualities and inimitable flavour.

In 1975, the company passed into the hands of Giovanni’s children. With the same passion, they cultivate and protect not only the family’s secrets, but above all the company’s love and enthusiasm for everything it does.


The current Mucci heirs, Giovanni’s children and grandchildren, inaugurate a modern new facility in Trani. To this day, they continue to produce simply unique confetti and dragées, respecting the canons and artisanal methods of the highest traditions of the confectionary arts.
“Quality” is the categorical imperative of a family that has always dedicated attention, passion and research to the creation of small confectionary masterpieces created to accompany the happiest moments of our lives.
A family that cultivates a noble and lofty ambition: intensifying the emotion of any celebration.


Even after 120 years of activity the company continues to receive recognitions that attest to the elevated quality of its products.

Refined and original combinations, entrepreneurial creativity and professional honesty are the foundation of our many specialties, all made from raw ingredients scrupulously selected from the best the world has to offer.

Today’s heirs are the custodians of secrets steeped in stories of sweetness and pleasure and with the power to generate intense emotions.

A marvellous list of delicacies, capable of satisfying not only the most demanding connoisseurs, but anyone seeking quality without compromise.

Each of our confetti is filled with a soul, uniqueness and knowledge.

Mucci® Confetti: tradition at the service of innovation.

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