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Welcome to the official page of our famous Tenerelli Mucci®, the confetto with a soft centre produced since 1930 with unwavering faithfulness to the original recipe. Truly inimitable!
For our Tenerelli Mucci® we select only the best “PGI Piedmont Hazelnuts” and prized Apulian Toritto (BA) Almonds. These precious fruits offered by nature are covered with a double layer of white and dark chocolate and coated with a veil of delicate panning.
Tenerelli Mucci®, like all of the other confetti and dragées produced in our laboratory, are gluten free. For those who follow a vegan diet or have a milk and lactose intolerance, we offer Tenerelli Mucci Vegan®, produced with soy milk.
Our Tenerelli Mucci® are available in our online shop in various colours and formats:
◦ Select your ideal mono-colour confetto for weddings (white), graduations (red), births or baptisms (pink and blue), first communions and confirmations (white and red, white and yellow), 18th birthdays (yellow and green) and 25th and 50th wedding anniversaries (silver and gold).
◦ Choose an assortment of our classic Tenerelli Mucci®, combined with our more traditional flavours of white, milk or dark chocolate dragées.
◦ Offer your friends elegant gift boxes that make an ideal surprise for the sweetest tooths.
◦ Buy Tenerelli Mucci® in practical and hygienic single-dose wrappers designed to preserve their organoleptic characteristics.

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