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Mucci is very attentive toward the health of its consumers. Our confetti and dragées are made from only the best raw ingredients offered by the market. This is the only way to guarantee high quality and matchless flavour. All of our products, made exclusively using natural aromas and colouring agents, are also incredibly healthy: GLUTEN FREE, PRESERVATIVE-FREE AND NO-GMO.

Natural Aromas and Colouring Agents

We choose them because Mucci products are still made according to ancient family recipes, with a particular attention to flavour, but also the health and wellbeing of our consumers. This is why we use only natural aromas and colouring agents, privileging essential oils and fruit and vegetable extracts..

We use them for our confetti, dragées and confectionary specialities, many of which are suitable for a vegan diet. Additionally, for a some years now we offer our “Tenerelli Mucci® Vegani”. Based on an ancient family recipe and made from soya milk, they are suitable for those with an intolerance to milk and lactose or their derivates.

The "PGI Piedmont Hazelnut"


We choose it because it is the best in the world. PGI – Protected Geographical Indication certification represents a guarantee of quality and authenticity for operators and consumers. This specific variety of hazelnut is the “Tonda Gentile Trilobata”. It is cultivated in an area situated between the hills of the Langhe, the Roero and Monferrato, in the provinces of Cuneo, Asti and Alessandria. This hazelnut is widely appreciated by the confectionary industry for its qualities: the spheroid form of the nut, excellent flavour and aromas after toasting, exceptional ‘peelability’ and lengthy conservation. The fragrance, consistency and flavour of this hazelnut contribute to the unique taste of Mucci products.

Where we use it

We use it in our hazelnut confetti. In particular, for our inimitable “Tenerelli Mucci®”, il “BiancoCocco®” and “Cri Cri”. It is also found in three versions of our dragées: dark, white or milk chocolate. Delicious spheres in which the crunchiness of hazelnuts encounters the indulgence of chocolate.

The Toritto (BA) Almond


We choose it because it is one of the best Italian almonds, used above all in quality pastries. The almond is grown in the territory of Toritto, near Bari in the Southern Italian region of Apulia, hence its name. This almond is also protected by the “Slow Food Presidium”. It features a soft shell that breaks easily by hand and an intense and decisive flavour with underlying notes of butter. While its small and paunchy form is not ideal for classical confetti, it is perfect for our new line of aromatised confetti or traditional dragées, covered with dark, white or milk chocolate.

Where we use it

We use this almond in our chocolate confetti. In particular, for our classic “Tenerelli Mucci®” and “Monnalisa Mucci®” confetti, aromatised with fruit flavours and an ideal companion to welcome cocktails. We produce a wide variety of tasty confetti and dragées using this almond. One could truly become lost in the selection of Toritto almond confetti… it’s impossible to eat just one!

The Cocoa Bean


We choose it because for Mucci confetti and dragées we select only the best qualities from the equatorial regions of Latin America and Africa. The seeds of the fruits of the cocoa tree, fermented and dried, are the most important raw ingredient in the production of chocolate, cocoa powder and cocoa butter. Additionally, cocoa beans are an important source of energy, a stimulant and an anti-depressive that help protect the heart and improve concentration. Their high quantities of anti-oxidants also help contrast cellular aging and improve blood circulation.

Where we use it

We use them for our cocoa confetti and dragées. Sugar Panned or Tartufo Cocoa Beans: true masterpieces of confectionary art, a cure-all for the palate and a source of happiness. Anyone approaching this flavour for the first time will discover something unusual, bitter and intense, dry and decisive, rich with the aroma of chocolate released by the toasting of the bean. They are an ideal companion to a good cigar and classical distilled liquors, like rum.

The “Presidio Slow Food” “PDO Green Pistachio of Bronte”


We choose it because it is unique to its kind. Also known as the “Green Gold of Bronte”, this marvel of nature hails from the lava terrains of Mount Etna in the territories of Bronte, Adrano and Biancavilla, near Catania. An intense green nut is covered by a ruby red skin. This pistachio boasts a highly aromatic flavour and numerous health benefits for the human organism. This pistachio is an authentic treasure, jealously protected by the island of Sicily. A heritage of inestimable value preserved and promoted around the globe by the “Consorzio di Tutela del Pistacchio Verde di Bronte DOP”.

Where we use it

We use it for our pistachio confetti. A unique speciality that Mucci produces using the natural “PDO Green Pistachio of Bronte”, covered by a thin layer of green panning. This exceptional product exalts the authentic flavour of the world’s most beloved pistachio.

The “Pizzuta di Avola” Almond


We choose it because it is the undisputed Queen of almonds. This is the almond elected by the highest quality artisanal confectioners in Italy. Cultivated in Sicily near Syracuse, this almond features a delicate and agreeable flavour, exceptional organoleptic properties and an unmistakable form: flat and slightly pointed, ideal for the production of classical wedding confetti. The elegance of this jewel of nature, and its inimitable flavour, make it the most sought after almond in the world. Mucci produces its confetti for special events using only the “Pizzuta di Avola” almond, protected against imitations and contaminations by the “Consorzio Mandorla di Avola”.

Where we use it

We use this almond in our classical “Pizzuta di Avola” almond confetti and our“Regina Elisabeth” citrus-flavoured confetti. They are easy to recognise for their form, fragrance and flavour. A MUST at Mucci, they are an ideal gift for weddings, anniversaries and ceremonies. They are also perfect for dessert accompanied by a glass of something sparkling.


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